How Does Room Shape Affect Sound Quality

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Whether you are building a home theater in Troy or designing a DJ booth, a concern you should have is whether the room you are using is going to affect the sound quality of your sound system. At Feature Presentation, our team is comprised of design and sound experts that measure and calculate the dimensions of a room in order to determine the type of sound system that can deliver clear, audible sound without being muffled or causing tinnitus (ear ringing). However, as you go through the process of design, there may be other factors that can impair your room acoustics.

Here are 4 features of a room that can pose problems, but these obstacles can be tackled by a professional sound technician from Feature Presentation:

  1. Size of the room: The bigger the room, the more powerful your sound system will need to be to fill it with crisp and warm tones. Conversely, a small room can maximize a high quality, yet less robust system that would fail to perform in an expansive space. Accurate measurements are needed to match your room size to the best sound system for its dimensions.
  2. 2016-03-30_15-59-40Open versus closed space: If your room has open doorways or arched ceilings, a more powerful sound system will be needed to offset the sound that travels out of the room and/or up to a higher ceiling.
  3. Number and location of windows: A window directly in front of the sound system can impact sound quality, just as multiple windows around the room’s parameter can present a problem. It is recommended to cover all windows with heavier drapes to diminish the potential issue.
  4. Flooring: Hard flooring, such as wood or laminate, can immediately degrade your sound quality. A simple fix to this problem is to place an area rug that covers a large section of the flooring.

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There are other aspects of a room that can affect the quality of its acoustics. However, with the assistance of the Feature Presentation team, we can minimize any problem areas you may have in your room by employing tricks of the trade to deliver exceptional sound at a competitive price. Schedule your in-home or on-site consultation today by calling (248) 379-7313. When you choose Feature Presentation for your home theater or commercial project, you are guaranteeing your satisfaction!

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