Thank you for participating on our Referral Partner Program

Lead will need to be verified before any point payout. Verification is completed by any form of return contact from/to lead including Phone, Email, Stop in, or Text. Referral Partner Must Request Payout. Payout in AMEX Gift Card (or Like Anywhere Use Gift Card). Contact can pick up Gift Card at FPAV Office Location. Builder Sales Partners must get prior approval for the program from Builder/Management. Point payout determined by FPAV staff. Payout available within 5-15 days from request. Free service request value will be redeemed at time of service. Value will be pulled from advertisement funds requiring NO tax information and NO 1099.

Point submission determined by FPAV management. We reserve the right to terminate a partner if determined unfit or no longer submitting leads. FPAV may remove bonus reward points if a job is lost or FULL final payment is not received. Bonus Reward points awarded at time of job completion and final payment is made. All points values are reviewed yearly and are subject to expiration. Points expire after 1 year and may result in an auto issue of gift card or fourfit of reward points. FPAV Electronics reserves the right to cancel the program at any time and holds no legal standing to fulfill point rewards. Points cannot be redeemed for Cash and hold no monetary value. FPAV does not insure Gift Cards once issued and holds no liability if card is lost, stolen, or fraud.