7 Reasons Not To Build A Budget Home Theater

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Your home theater is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where movie nights, sleepovers and parties for the big game happen. With electronics deals in abundance at your local stores, its may be tempting to try to put together a “Budget Home” theater on your own. Here are seven reasons why you should think twice before scrimping on your home theater.
#1.Don’t sacrifice the picture. A great home theater is only as good as the picture. With advances in HD and 3-D technology, your screen is an area that you definitely don’t want to get on a budget.
Sound matters.
#2.Don’t sacrifice that movie theater sound! Invest in a high-quality set of speakers and place them correctly to get that authentic surround sound feel. You and your family will thank you!
#3. Everything at the touch of a button. Cheaper models of home theater components may not have the capability to sync to your smart phone or tablet. Don’t be caught always searching for the remote!
#4. Don’t be outdated. Technology moves at a quick pace. While cheaper models may save money now, you’ll only end up replacing them a few years down the line. Invest more money in your home theater system now and your future self (and wallet) will thank you.
#5. Relax in style. Let’s face it—the seats in your home theater are one of the most important aspects. It won’t matter how incredible the picture or sound is if your seat is uncomfortable. Home theater seats that recline and have cup holders will transform your home theater into an oasis.
#6. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t settle for placing your screen just anywhere. Make sure to invest in a high-quality flat-panel TV mount. This will make sure that your flat screen is secure and at the ideal viewing height.
#7. This is not DIY. The bottom line is that a home theater system is only as good as how well it is installed. Save yourself the hassle of trying to connect all the components of your home theater system and leave that to the professionals!

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