7 Questions To Ask Your Audio Video Installation

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When hiring an audio video engineer, you’ll have a lot of questions about home theater installation that you’ll remember to ask, a lot of questions you’ll forget to ask, and questions you won’t even know to ask. We’ve devised 7 questions to ask your audio video engineer.

  1. Will there be enough space between my television and seating area?
  2. Is my room the optimal choice for sound production?
  3. Will there need to be any work done on the walls of the room to hide audio cables?
  4. Due to the size of the room, will sound distortion or quality suffer?
  5. Will a special mount be needed to mount the visual system to the wall?
  6. Will your services and the cost of the equipment fit into my budget?
  7. What type of audio and video equipment do you recommend and what warranty, if any, is offered?

2016-03-30_15-22-25Ultimately, you will want to ask these questions to ensure that your home theater system design is optimal. The distance from where you sit and the video is displayed is very important. If you sit too close, the image can look distorted, or if a screen is too large, you may not have an optimal viewing experience.

Larger rooms will suffer from sound distortion, but an audio engineer will be able to ensure that audio is always clear and loud. Hiding wires in the wall is optimal. Ideally, your room should have all the wires hidden behind the wall, so you won’t even be able to tell that an audio engineer was present.

Custom wall mounting solutions may be required, so knowing the cost ahead of time will enable you to make certain that the cost of all the work needed will fit in your budget. Finally, there should be a warranty on the work done by the engineer as well as the equipment utilized. Engineers may or may not offer their own guarantee on work completed or the equipment provided. Call Feature Presentation for all of your Troy home theater needs!

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